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Fifth Harmony Ships + Pokémon AU: 3/3

gotta catch ‘em all

tagged as:  camila    I need this AU someone write this AU Kayla read the tag and do the thing pls    Art student AU is such important AU    Living in a loft with taps that only run hot for five minutes at 3AM    sketches strewn across her desk by the curtainles window in her room    spilling onto the floor and lying in scattered heaps around the living room    brightly colored oil pastel marks on ALL the Ikea furniture    (she and her roommate Dinah buying one of those white build-it-yourself square coffee tables as a housewarming gift    and proceeding to splatter paint it in the middle of their living room sans-dropcloth    (and maybe getting more paint on their faded lime-green couch    the one inhereted from Dinah's family))    Their fridge being devoid of anything but string cheese and the organic stuff their friend Lauren brings over sometimes    ('How can you eat that?? It's still got dirt on it.' 'How can you survive on three triple-shots of espresso a day?')    Camila begging her friend Normani to pose for her for her human anatomy class    ('Pleasepleaseplease! You're a dANCer! And I really need to work on my lines! Have I mentioned that you're gorgeous lately?'    'I am NOT posing naked!!' 'Fiiiiine. You can wear a leotard.')    Dinah and Camila putting out an ad on Craigslist for a third roommate bc Camila's part-time barista job is not getting the rent paid    Ally answering the ad and Camila excitedly pulling her through the tiny loft pointing out all the amenities    ('There's TWO beanbag chairs!!') and when Ally agrees to sign on Camila hugging her tight and saying    'Thank god- bc there's really not a lot of space and you are the size of a pea you're PERFECT!' btwyou'regonnahavetosleeponthecouch')    There's just a lot of struggling art-student AU that needs to happen (✿◡‿◡)    (oh look- tags are back)    
the pokemon cards you did are the best thing on this planet right now!!!!!!!!!!!


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Fifth Harmony Ships + Pokémon AU: 2/3

gotta catch ‘em all


Cutest thing ever - Vine by Cheyenne Moore

Fifth Harmony Ships + Pokémon AU: 1/3

gotta catch ‘em all

tagged as:  fifth harmony    I did a thing    5horbust    camren    caminah    nORMILA    AU    errybody    minus ally    pokemon AU    HEY SO GUESS WHOSE BIRTHDAY IT WAS TODAY???    This isn't really a trick question- Kayla. It was Kayla's birthday.    IS Kayla's birthday- bc tECHnically it's still the 13th here so this is totally completely on time    Anyway- the things I do etc etc    I feel like my Pokémon knowledge increased tenfold today    ((I hope you are vry vry proud- a testament to your disapproval of my lifestyle really))    The point is- Kayla is totally worth spending a day figuring out what the hell Energy cards are for    so I hope y'all all made sure to wish her a happy (if bed-ridden) birthday (✿◠‿◠)    Also- I'm not actually sure that this series will be continued with the other ships    I just felt bad I didn't have time to do them all so I just picked the ones closest to a certain someone's heartspaces    I'm sure a Laurnah could straight-up eat all of these pokémon for lunch though.    ((Also also: I can probably get back back for real after Tuesday- hurrah!    I can't wait to actually get into my inbox/get back to idiots and to you adorable pple    real life is so much less cute let it be known))    SN: What was I even spelling on the Camren one idek    also: I fixed the shadows for folks with blogs that don't have white backgrounds    so pretty much: late-night flaw-ridden gif-making is never advised 10/10 don't do if it can be avoided    
tagged as:  5H babies    fambam    !!!!!!!!!    ok- I'm not actually here I'm not actually back I promise I'm returning soon though I love/miss you all    but I was casually taking a break/scrolling through the first page of my dash and tHIS happened and I just:    I feel caps coming on- my caps lock is engaging in 3... 2... 1...    THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR BIRTHDAY WITH ME    THEIR RELATIONSHIP BEING A REFLECTION OF DINAH'S AND CAMILA'S IS A THING THAT WILL ACTUALLY END ME I NEED THIS TO NOT BE A THING THAT HAPPENS    SHARING OF BIRTHDAYS IS OFFICIALLY A HANSEN-CABELLO TRADITION    AND IF YOU DON'T THINK THAT IS THE ABSOLUTE EPOCH OF ALL THAT IS THE WORST ABOUT OTP: TWEEDLEDEE AND TWEEDLEDUM THEN YOU ARE LEADING A MUCH BETTER LIFE THAN I    AND I ENVY YOU    BECAUSE NOW I HAVE TO GO ABOUT MY DAY PRETENDING TO BE PRODUCTIVE    WHILST ALL THE WHILE IMAGINING DINAH AND CAMILA ACTIVELY ENCOURAGING THIS BURGEONING FRIENDSHIP AND FAWNING OVER IT    AND LIVING OUT THEIR CHILDHOOD BESTFRIENDS AU VICARIOUSLY THROUGH THEIR LITTLE SISTERS    BECAUSE SOFI AND REGINA HAVE A CHANCE AT THE CHILDHOOD BESTFRIENDSHIP THAT CAMILA AND DINAH NEVER GOT    ...    the cosmic powers that decided this would be a thing have never been ruder.    caminah    that's what this is getting tagged as.    ((headcanon that when/if Regina and Sofi ever fight    Camila and Dinah go to exorbitant lengths to smooth things over    with Camila reminding Sofi about how much fun she had with Regina back when they all lived in that little apartment together when they first started out in L.A.    and Dinah outright telling Regina that she HAS to forgive Sofi    and when Regina asks why- Dinah just says 'Because she's your sister.'))    otp: always    

"besides the low key insiders that we have…You know I ride or die for you always

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