dinah’s sleeping habits

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do you have a specific otp or do you just ship all the sismances ???



If it’s floating, I’m on board.

5h being supermarket employees and doing cute stuff when it's closing time. idk.

Oh god yESsss!!

Dumb idiots wearing stupid brightly colored vest-uniforms! (“So like, are we allowed to personalize our vests?” “Normani, please repeat after me: ‘I will NOT bedazzle company property.’ “)

Grocery cart races down the aisles! (“Camila! Watch out for the- *CRASH* ketchup display.”)

Price-tag gun laser tag! (“Tweedle-dee to Tweedle-dum, I’ve got Megan Foxy cornered in Sector 5. I repeat: the Fox is cornered, over.” “…You guys do realize those walkie-talkies don’t have any batteries- right?”)

Soup can bowling!  (“Get it?? It’s the ‘Soup-er Bowl’!!!” *collective eye-roll* “I think it’s funny, Camila!” “Thanks, Ally.”)

(ok, this gif doesn’t really have anything to do with this AU, but just LOOK AT IT!!

Everytime I see a new gif set or photo set from a new video, and it alone looks like a great possible AU situation, I think to myself "Charmonizer would make such a great AU gif set manip thing about this" and then I cry myself to sleep. Jk ily and your stuff. The hogwarts stuff is gold.

Hihihihi!!! Oh lord, I am so so sorry it’s taken so long for me to respond to anything (nobody is surprised by this anymore, I know, I know), but thank you so much YES PLS THINK OF ME WHEN YOU THINK OF AU THAT IS THE BEST KIND OF EXISTENCE I COULD EVER HOPE FOR!!! 

And then pls do the kind and decent thing and send me those AU thoughts (✿◡‿◡)  I will repay you with lots of yelling and flailing YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧  

love me


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Ally dancing on Wolf Watch

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Camila rebelling to see fans +

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